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Carol Zimmerman:
IAC and BCC Master Certified Professional Coach
IHDS Certified Human Design Analyst, Guide, Advanced Teacher
BG5 Certified Human Design Business Consultant

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Phone: (408) 399-9994
Fax:     (408) 354-7099

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Decision Mastery with Support

I am dedicated to living joyfully, authentically, and fully as a unique individual, and being a role model that empowers others to do the same. I'd love to see everyone standing up for what makes them so special and enjoying their just rewards.

It would be an honor to support you with my in-depth knowledge of Human Design and its strategies as you integrate this transformational work with your existing situations.

I am a 4/6 Generator who follows my gut for decision making and generously expresses my ideas and insights for the benefit of others. 

In addition to being a International Human Design Professional Analyst, I’m a Master Certified Coach through the International Association of Coaches (IAC); Board Certified Coach (BCC) through the Center for Credentialing and Education, Inc.; and CoachVille (CV). I also have a successful Coaching Practice named Multiple Hats Mastery.

I hold several certifications and licenses as a Jovian Archive recognized Human Design Professional:

  • IHDS Certified Professional Human Design Analyst, Guide, Holistic Analyst
  • IHDS Advanced Teacher of the Living Your Design Workshop; Rave ABC; Rave Cartography; Variable Workshop
  • IHDS Certified Human Design Family Practice Analyst
  • IHDS Certified BG5 Human Design Career and Small Business Consultant
I have also completed Human Design continuing education courses in the areas of biology, sexuality, raising a child, designs for your pets (and plants) and understanding "deeper levels of purpose" through your personal archetype.

My professional coaching and business experience helps me quickly zero in on what you are seeking to change in your life, and supports you. It makes it easy to create winnable situations that leverage your human design strategy and authority, and can be reinforced through specialized techniques I've developed after observing what worked for my hundreds of clients.

With me as your coach and guide, I’m prepared to help you win back meaningful purpose!  As your friendly, trustworthy “role model” (4/6), you’ll also have instant access to my network of resources—all suited to supporting you during each stage of your journey.

My own human design allows me to quickly grasp both the logic and abstract nature of this work and communicate the details most important for you without interjecting my own agenda. I calmly offer pure love and direction, without ego, so that you clearly see the potential of your own nature and your own inspiration for a healthy lifestyle can emerge.

In addition to graduating from a California university with a teaching credential, I was a successful corporate and small business executive for decades within the publishing, high technology, training and consulting industries. In 2001 I decided to redesign my entire life around who, and what, I’m literally designed to be and do.

I live on a hillside overlooking Silicon Valley, which is in the San Francisco and San Jose California area, and have been married over 20 years. My life revolves around my clients, personal development, spirituality, gardening, entertaining, yoga, sailing, art, cooking, and nurturing my family.

I have guided hundreds people to better live their designs and change their life, relationships, and career experiences. I am also deeply involved in my own human design experimentation so I understand the different stages you'll go through along the way. I love weaving applicable stories that bring important concepts to life, stimulating provocative conversations, and encouraging active and supportive participation of my students.

What Clients Have to Say:

"Carol is brilliant, clear and very gifted. She is a fantastic guide and interpreter of Human Design. Through her support I practice my human design daily and have experienced quantum shifts in my life as a result. I give Carol my highest recommendation"
SARK author/artist

“I had previous readings of my Human Design, but it wasn’t until I began working with Carol Zimmerman that I really got the power behind what it means to truly live your design.  Carol possesses an unique combination of Human Design and coach training that provides the transformational blend I needed to take me to the next level in my business.  Working with Carol helped me to laser in on what is most essential for me; to recognize and work through the chatter in my mind; and to help me be the best me I can be.  Carol helps people unlock the keys to their own kingdom.  My work with her has been invaluable.”
Kimberly George, author of Coaching Into Greatness
CEO of The Abundance Intelligence Institute, MA

I was "sitting on the bench" in my career when I started working with Carol.  Knowing my Human Design through Carol has helped me gain clarity in my life and to choose a career that best utilizes my natural talents and nature.  Carol's ability to consistently hone in on my Human Design and relate it to the circumstances in my life has been uncanny.  I would highly recommend working with Carol in any area, especially when learning to use the Human Design Process!"
Joanne Goldman Industry Manager, SAP America, Inc., New York, NY

"Human Design Support gave me the insight to stay true to myself and confront people and situations in a way that eliminated resistance. Carol is amazing and she taps that spot inside you which you may have never known existed." 
Anuja Chaudhri - Technical Writer/Yoga Instructor, Los Gatos, CA

"The work we did together helped me get into action. The human design work really seems to resonate for me, though I can't process it logically. I just forgave myself for not being someone I can never be and elected to move on. And we can't underestimate the value of hearing you share the things that were similar in your life and how you handled and are handling them. I felt someone finally understood my illogical feelings. It wasn't about not being able to do work; it was about not feeling valued or valuable, despite all evidence to the contrary. You got that. That, along with your coaching questions and human design cues, freed me up."
Sue Johnston, Communication Specialist, It’s Understood Communications, Waterloo, Canada
“I can say without a doubt that my life has changed tremendously since my Human Design work with Carol. Now I am trusting my intuition, following my passions, feeling less afraid of confrontation, discovering and accepting aspects of myself that had been repressed, and feeling more connected to my body and life as a whole. I can't thank Carol enough for the generosity, conscientiousness and thoroughness with which she supported me, my husband, daughter and friends. She has been, and continues to be, an inspiration.”
Rosy Aronson, Spiritual Counselor, Roots & Wings, of AIWP, CA

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