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Current Human Design Training Classes
Scheduled Classes:

NOTE: To register for IHDS classes
go to: and look under the General Education and Professional Education menus.


For In-Person classes not listed:
Contact Carol Zimmerman.

For 2013 dates and locations email


(Thurs.*) Oct. 24 - Dec. 12, 2013
12-1:30pm PDT and PST
*No class on Nov. 28
At IHDS/Training Academy
with Carol Zimmerman

Dec. 2 - Dec. 13, 2013
2-3:30pm PST
Week 1: Monday-Friday
Week 2: Mon.; Wed.; Fri.
At IHDS/Training Academy
with Carol Zimmerman

(Sat.*) Oct. 19 - Dec. 7, 2013
* No class on Nov. 30th
At IHDS/Training Academy
with Carol Zimmerman

Dec. 7 - Dec. 21, 2013
Sat.; Tues.; Thurs.
At IHDS/Training Academy
with Carol Zimmerman


Starts in January 2013
At IHDS/Training Academy
Contact Carol Zimmerman with your interest.

Starts in January 2013
At IHDS/Training Academy
Contact Carol Zimmerman with your interest.

Upon Request:
To schedule delivery over telephone or the internet contact

Personalized Human Design Clinics and Group Workshops

One to one Human Design-focused Life and Business Coaching Sessions and Readings

Self-Study Classes:
Download links are emailed to student for Self Study Classes and are offered with additional email follow up and personal support.

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For HDS classes send an email to
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Class Fees/Discounts:
*Early Bird pricing is offered for payments in advance of posted early bird deadlines. **Endowment pricing is offered to Projectors for specific classes.
***Audit pricing
is offered for students who have previously completed that class with an IHDS Certified Trainer.

Intro to Human Design
For more information contact:

Living Your Design:

US $350
US $300 Early Bird*

Rave ABC:
US $450
US $400 Early Bird*

Rave Cartography:
US $850
US $750 Early Bird*

Catalyst for Coaching:
US $250
US $200 Projector Endowment**

Transcending Melancholy and Sparking Creativity:
US $350
US $280
Projector Endowment**

From Survival to Love
US $20 (Self-Study Download) To purchase and receive, contact:

Living Your Design Guide Certification:
US $1800
US $1600 Early Bird*

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To purchase MMI software:
Go to: www.jovian

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Human Design Training Classes

Ready to deepen your Human Design knowledge and/or cultivate strategies for experimenting with it?

As an IHDS Certified Teacher and Faculty member I can support you with a rich array of options.

I offer Human Design Foundation Classes, Radical Transformation Workshops, Special Interest, and Professional Certification classes in a variety of formats through Human Design Support (HDS) and as a faculty member for the International Human Design Schools (IHDS).

Below is a summery of the classes I'm currently offering.
For details on a specific class contact me, Carol Zimmerman, or for classes offered at the IHDS Training Academy, you can visit their website at

Human Design Foundation Classes

Human Design Foundation classes are the standardized curriculum that is professionally recognized by the International Human Design Schools and Jovian Archive Corporation. The classes are recommended for those with a general interest in understanding the Human Design System, and the required prerequisites for those on a professional track. The curriculum is listed, in sequential order below. Students must attend classes taught by a IHDS certified instructor to meet professional requirements.


The Living Your Design Workshop is a transformational journey that can change your life. Open to anyone who has had an Individual/Rave Analysis reading, this workshop teaches the most important foundational and transformational aspects of Human Design.

Prerequisites: A Human Design Individual Analysis/Reading

Required Materials: Living Your Design Book by Lynda Bunnell

Once the Living Your Design course is complete, many students find they want to learn more about the Human Design System mechanics itself. Whether a student wants to become an analyst or simply become more informed, this course is the next step for not only understanding the system but also yourself and others.

Prerequisites: The Living Your Design (LYD) workshop, including its prerequisites.
Required Materials: Rave ABC Level I Student Manual by Teresa Blanding


Rave Cartography serves as a prerequisite for all advanced education. Adding depth to the foundation built in Rave ABC’s, together Rave ABC’s and Rave Cartography provide enough tools to have a solid Human Design foundation. It offers a greater understanding of yourself and the world around you, and opens the door for studies in many other more advanced Human Design topics. This class requires time outside of scheduled classes for homework and so you can attend study group meetings.

Prerequisite: The Rave ABC class, including its prerequisites

Required Materials: Two student manuals: Rave Cartography Volume 1 and Volume II, both by Deborah Bergman. The MMI Software Student Edition is recommended.

Human Design Radical Transformation Workshop
Once a person has been experimenting with the strategy for operating as a unique Human Design Type, and they have been following their unique process for navigating decisions in life for a period of time, they may be ready to learn more advanced strategies to further enhance and enrich their physical and mental well being. This Workshop introduces the more advanced levels of Human Design knowledge and can offer additional support for the enhancement and enrichment of your experimenting and further support the student's alignment to a differentiated life that brings more satisfaction, success, peace, and delightful surprises. To see if you qualify for this private or group workshop, please contact me.

Human Design Special Interest Classes
Human Design Special Interest classes are designed to support specific audiences or interests. It is helpful, but not always required, for students to have a foundational background when participating.


There is a difference between what the client says they want and what they actually experience as a success. As a Professional Coach or Counselor you can more quickly see that difference when you decide to use Human Design as a core tool and system within your practice. Come discover why Carol Zimmerman, a professional trained and certified coach, chose Human Design as the core of her own professional coaching practice.

Prerequisites: An introduction to the Human Design System (A complimentary downloadable webinar which will be sent to students after registration).
Required Materials: none


Being uniquely creative is such an individual thing and at times a bit melancholic. It is hard to mentally know how far you can take your individuality and still be accepted and/or conventionally understood. This class offers insights into the individual creative process. It starts with a mechanical and logical perspective but also incorporates opportunities for students to personally gain perspectives by examining their own personal beliefs about creativity.

Prerequisites: A Human Design Individual Analysis/Reading and basic knowledge of the Human Design bodygraph and system mechanics recommended.

Required Materials: none


Even though the bio-form and mechanics of a human and mammal are vastly different, the bond that can be formed between the two runs deep. In this class Carol Zimmerman shares some truths behind these evolving bonds and reveals what she wants every pet owner to understand for the health and well being of their animals.

Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of the Human Design bodygraph and system mechanics recommended.

Required Materials: none

Human Design IHDS Certification Classes

Human Design Certification classes license and prepare students to deliver specific professional Human Design services to the public that will meet the standards recognized by the International Human Design Schools and Jovian Archive Corporation.


The Living Your Design Guide training prepares and certifies students to become Professional Human Design Guides so that they may host and professionally offer the Living Your Design Workshop. It is designed to teach them to support the newcomer to Human Design with the experience of Living their Design. This course will teach the student how to properly initiate a newcomer into experimenting with following one's strategy and authority through various lessons, discussions, experiential techniques and exercises.

Pre-requisites: Completion of Rave Cartography and its prerequisites
Required Materials: Living Your Design Student Manual and Living Your Design Instructor Manual

Hearing about your design can help explain mysteries.

Experimenting with how you are designed to operate and make decisions can help you live your design.

And gaining proven strategies and knowledge that supports your progress through a trained professional is priceless.

About Your Instructor:
Carol Zimmerman creates a safe, stimulating place for you to begin seeing the real power of your design and its relationship with your environment or current experiences.

Her own human design, backed up by in-depth professional training and years of experience coaching hundreds of people to live in support of their design, helps her articulate important logical details in an organized and supportive structure. She also keeps things stimulating through practical, engaging stories, and offers ideas for your own reflection so you integrate this work into your life.

Are you ready? Then let's begin.
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