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Delivery Options for Readings, Coaching, and Classes
In Person Readings and Classes:

Classes are held online over the internet using the Zoom webinar platform.

Highlights for In-person Classes and Readings:

  • In-person Chart readings are not being scheduled at this time. Feel free to check back with me later, or request a referral to another Analyst. 
  • When conducted Readings are electronically recorded and download links emailed after the session is completed.
  • In-person Classes are not being scheduled at this time. Feel free to check back on the website or let me know of you would like to be on a waiting list.
    Full-day live classes and events create a total immersion, faster completion, and aura to aura contact with other students.
    • We leverage the in-person environment with interactive exercises geared to your human design.
    • Participants also receive printed handouts and are encouraged to take notes.
    • Full day classes are not recorded, but you are invited to bring your own recording device.
    • Lite snacks and beverages are provided. Participants are invited to bring and/or arrange for their lunches.

Online Readings and Classes:


Readings and classes offered over the internet utilize a private online webinar platform or Skype. The classrooms require high-speed internet access and sufficient computer memory to work as intended. Students communicate using computer headphones and a microphone and are encouraged to update their computers with the latest free Java and Adobe Acrobat Reader downloads.

Highlights for Online Classes and Readings:

  • Classes are accessed using high-speed internet connections.
  • Classes are recorded so if you miss sessions you can still catch up.
  • Because you save your classes to your computer you can replay them multiple times.
  • Online classes and readings eliminate travel and support broader geographical  participation.
  • Classes are held over a series of weeks from 1.5 to 2.0 hours at a time so you process information more gradually.
  • Both class materials and recordings are made available electronically through downloads onto your computer.
  • Online environments require computer headphones and a microphone.
Telephone-based Readings, Coaching Sessions, and Classes:

Sessions and Classes are conducted over the telephone using a US based telephone number or an online Zoom webinar room.  Those with telephonic recording capabilities are invited to record sessions themselves, other wise if Zoom is used recordings can be made available to you via a Download link. Calls should be made from a quiet location whenever possible for the best quality.
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