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Hello and welcome to Human Design Support.

If ever there was a perfect time for a person to dive deeply into knowing and honoring who they are, the time is now.

With the current global and economic climate I can't stress that enough.

I provide coaching, consultancy, and training services to individuals, families, and business owners who are ready to transform their life using the Human Design System. 

Are you still trying to make sense of it all?

Are you ready for a new level of joy and mastery within your experiences, career, and relationships?

I've not only done this for myself, but can show you how.

After 20+ years juggling an active personal life and fast paced career as a business executive, I allowed myself to really learn about who I am and how to make choices that suit my human design...not just those around me.

I became my own boss in 2001 when I founded Multiple Hats Mastery and began my path towards becoming an IAC certified life and business coach. Since then I added Human Design Support to the mix.

As an IHDS certified professional analyst, guide, teacher and BG5 consultant, I can now ensure that all my clients are supported authentically for who they are, not who they think they are. It is something most coaches can only guess at based on your behaviors. I can show you your bio-form mechanics!

A list of some of my current capabilities are provided but I invite you to also tell me what you need.

My Human Design offerings and modes for delivery continually expand. They reflect my client experience, interests, creativity, and ongoing
education through the IHDS (International Human Design Schools); Jovian Archive Corp.;  IAC (International Coaching Association) and ICF accredited Professional Coaching Schools.

Life is an evolution, and it is evolving a person at a time.

I'd love to be a partner so together we support your evolution. Would you like to get started?
Private Sessions fees range from $100-150/hour.
Training fees are listed under Class Information.

Human Design Private Readings/Consultations:

Human Design Basic Introductory Overviews
Human Design Foundation Reading
Relationship/Connection Consultations
Advanced Readings and Education
Return and Cycle Readings (Solar, Saturn, Chiron/Kiron)
Incarnation Cross Readings
Holistic Analysis including PHS and Rave Psychology
Professional Coaching for Living Your Design

Human Design Family Analysis
Parental Overviews and Family Analysis/Consults

BG5 Business Consultations:

BG5 Overview and/or BG5 Indepth Analysis
BG5 Leadership Skills Analysis and Coaching
BG5 Small Business and Group Analysis
BG5 Small Business Reengineering/Consults
Professional Mentoring and Business Coaching

IHDS Foundation Training Classes:
Living Your Design Awakening Program
Rave ABC Training Class
Rave Cartography Training Class

IHDS Professional Licensing Programs:
Living Your Design Guide Training/License Program

Human Design Advanced and Special Interest Programs and Classes:
Radical Transformation Workshops
Human Design Integration and Group Support Programs
Special Interest Classes (for more information contact Carol):
Human Design: The Catalyst for Successful Coaching and Guidance
Transcending Melancholy: Sparking Creativity in Your Self and Others
Transits: Just in Time Solutions for Real Time Conditioning
Transcending Barriers to a Unique Life
Rooftop Evacuation Planning for Late Bloomers
From Survival to Love: The Evolving Bonds between Humans and Mammals

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