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Ready to make decisions that bring out the best in your life, relationships, opportunities, environments, and health?

Then you are truly ready to Live Your Design.

You are in The Right Place, with The Right People.

Why You Need Initial Support to Live Your Human Design

No one is born knowing precisely how to make decisions that are always in perfect alignment with who you are, what is correct for you, where you should be today, and where it will take you tomorrow.

For most people decisions in life are a gamble or mystery at best.

You can actually feel when your experiences aren’t quite measuring up to your potential. What you may not realize is you have your own unique "smart chip" that knows the impact each decision has on your ideal path and can align you with the relationships and situations that are healthy and brimming with potential.

You don't have to search anymore. Start building a new history of decisions that produces a life that feels authentic and in harmony down to your very core.

A Human Design Overview or Foundational reading conducted by me or another Jovian Archive Professional Analyst, is the first step to Living Your Design.

It replaces your current guess work with a decision making strategy tailored to how you are uniquely designed to operate. It also describes with amazing accuracy the characteristics, life themes, and dilemmas you experience based on your human design configuration.

It begins the process of discerning which aspects of your life stem from your nature and which operate more inconsistently and are nurtured (sometimes unhealthily) through relationships and your environments.

Then it's time to integrate what you've learned into your life.

Successfully living your Design means applying these human design strategies within the complexities of your day to day interactions and situations so they become a conscious part of your every day living. Gaining a solid foundation for experimentation, through a qualified guide and teacher, is invaluable.

The strategies are simple to follow but not initially easy to master. That is because you have to sort through and learn to bypass the layers of behavioral and mental habits you've picked up throughout your life. You are also up against a genetic and unconscious attraction to certain patterns of conditioning which, until you learn to read your human design blueprint, you may not understand.

Professional Human Design classes and/or private coaching sessions get you started in a solid, cost effective way.

They offer you tools and a proven structure for understanding how your unique Human Design dynamically operates within a world. It explains why certain behaviors that work well for others actually create resistance when you do them, and what you should do about it.

It is never too late to start living your design.

When you are ready to live your design,
I am here to support you.

 It is an exciting journey back
to being and doing what makes you shine
with individual vibrancy and color.
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